Offerings (for Teens)


The teen years can be challenging times for parents as well as teens  themselves.  How can you navigate the rough waters of these years while  still maintaining your dignity and standards?

How can you deal with peer pressure and still feel good about yourself?

How can you develop social skills without compromising your own values?

How can you deal with the challenges that emerge during the teen years?

How can you take your frustrations with your parents and transform them  into opportunites to have a closer relationship with your parents?

 We can help you address these issues and more.  We offer: 

  • Coaching (at our location as well as in-home coaching)
  • Teen Circle



Teen Circle
Join us for a unique opportunity to meet other teens.  In addition to  getting together socially, we discuss the challenges facing all of us in  our lives.  With the support of others and the exchange of ideas, come  learn new skills to help navigate the challenges.