Offerings for Parents


Am I doing too much?  Am I doing enough? Should I be doing something  differently?  Have I done something to "permanently damage" my child?   How do I prepare my child to live in today's world?  We love our  children, but somehow, love doesn't seem to be enough.  Parents often  feel discouraged as well as frustrated in their roles as parents.

Conventional education does not teach us how to parent.  Many of us feel  confused, uncertain, and guilty, especially in times of conflict with  our children.  Being a parent rarely follows the plans and dreams we  have when we begin.

Parenting is not a gift that some of us have and some don't.  Parenting  is a skill that can be learned.  Instead of living with doubt and  uncertainty, we can parent with confidence, competence, and creativity.

Join us and increase your level of joy, peace, and effectiveness through thoughtful and creative parenting.  We offer: Coaching (at our location as well as in-home coaching)
Courses and workshops